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    May 21, 2020 | Miles Hitchcock, IAP

    All organizations, regardless of whether they’re in the public or private sector, must face the repetitive task of onboarding staff members. With turnover being reported by The CPA Journal at an average of 15% across audit departments, this can be a particularly challenging process. With new hires coming from other parts of the business, other companies, or just out of college, there are different levels of knowledge and training.

    Up to this point, onboarding has been a manual process and requires extensive time. There are efforts required to create the training material, perform the training, and follow up to ensure consistency. This process gets more complex when onboarding for an organization takes place at multiple offices, geographies, and time zones.

    Ongoing training and process changes face the same challenges as initial onboarding. There are hours of administrative time involved to prepare the training, and multiple sessions must be held to ensure busy or sick employees can attend.

    Then there’s the challenge of consistency. As the training sessions get delivered, it is not uncommon for the initial message to get lost in translation. Sometimes the variance is necessary to accommodate differences in role or culture.

    You do all your work in an audit management tool, now perform your training there also.

    In-app guides allow organizations to automate the onboarding and ongoing training processes for auditors. The days of creating 100+ page guides are over. New auditors will now login to their audit management solution with a prompt that walks them through how to access their projects, execute based on the department’s methodology, and follow the appropriate approval process. With the flexibility to create guides based on user traits, such as role, each auditor receives the correct training based on their title or geographic location.

    Onboarding no longer requires a training room and trainer, but instead only requires the auditor to be on their computer.

    Give your administrators and training rooms some time back with in-app training. Learn more about using TeamGuide Pro on TeamMate+.

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