• Audit Management

TeamMate+ Audit Management for Public Sector

  • Manage the end-to-end audit process with a tool built for auditors in the public sector.

    Develop flexible work plans for multiple audit teams, project types, and audit universes to confidently provide assurance to risk, regulatory all while meeting legislative requirements with transparency and reliability.


    Audit your way, with little training:

    Built on 25 years of experience working with auditors in the public sector, Wolters Kluwer TeamMate+ Public Sector combines an intuitive interface with organization-defined configurations that make the audit process easier and effortless. This helps simplify your training approach while ensuring your new auditors follow your methodology as prescribed by management.

    Expand your department’s capabilities to drive more value from each audit by focusing your efforts on the right activities. With risk built into each step of the audit process, TeamMate+ Public Sector ensures that the activities performed always align back to your organizational objectives. Provide contextual awareness and search for necessary easily using embedded hyperlinks to quickly reference items such as policy documents, test steps or supporting documents for complete contextual awareness.

    With built in dashboards, auditors can stay on top of their work while management can quickly identify any engagements that fall behind and as well as continuously monitoring your ever changing risk environment.

    Risk, investigation, performance audits (and more)… do them all using TeamMate+Public Sector:

    Depending on the size of your organization, each team, project type, or audit universe might require a different methodology or processes. TeamMate+ Public Sector allows each audit team or project type to have their own audit universe, workflow rules, and reporting structures. This provides each team operational freedom to operate in the way they need to be successful.

    Though teams may operate in different ways, a consistent methodology must still be followed so that auditors can align to a common or separate set of risk, regulatory, legislative, local standards to main consistency when report across a all teams.

    Integrated Analytics:

    Data Analytics has become a standard to conducting thorough audits, but it doesn’t need to be reserved for data scientist. With Wolters Kluwer TeamMate Analytics (TMA), rich and robust analysis helps your teams gain more efficiency when integrated with the TeamMate+ platform. Spreadsheets built with TMA can be easily uploaded to audit files for quick reference. Once a spreadsheet has been uploaded to an audit file, you can use TeamMate+ and Microsoft Office integration to create contextual hyperlinks, details coaching notes, or identify issues from the source. Don’t just make analytics part of the audit process, integrate TMA into every part of the audit process from planning to reporting.

    You decide the Technology Delivery:

    Technical and security requirements are often set by your organization and are outside of your control. Instead of finding a way to overcome these requirements, TeamMate+ can be implemented either on-premise, on your own servers, or hosted on our TeamCloud environment. This removes another hassle to implementing a new IT system.

    Maintain independence while improving the sharing of information:

    Your Audit department may operate as an independent department but the information you use comes from many different sources. Integrating with this information takes on many forms to ensure a secure and efficient flow of information.

    • Connect user accounts with your active directory to ensure secure access to the application.
    • Stay up to date on changes in the audit environment by integrating with other lines of defense or financial systems.
    • Manage a multitude of projects across multiple teams and audit universes integrated with your organization’s Business Intelligence tools for advanced dashboarding.

    Though audit teams may operate in a silo, the information necessary to complete an audit with confidence comes from many locations. Securely integrate with the entire audit universe with TeamMate+ Public Sector.

    A focus on the future of audit in the public sector:

    Wolters Kluwer TeamMate takes a customer focus approach to product development. This customer focus is combined with client advisory boards, market studies, and in-depth research for industry trends in information ecosystems, technology enablement, changing talent landscape, integrated risk, and audit disruption.

    Our focus at TeamMate for the past 25 years has been on innovationand we will continue to do so as your partner, helping you to lead your team’s audit evolution.