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TeamMate+ Internal Audit Management Software

  • Visibility. Consistency. Efficiency.
    Transform Internal Audit with TeamMate+

    As Internal Audit moves toward assuming a larger leadership position within organizations as a relevant, engaged partner, TeamMate+ can help by driving value throughout the three lines of defense on a departmental, divisional or organization-wide level. We do this by focusing on our core principles—visibility, consistency and efficiency.

    Visibility Across the Audit Team and the Three Lines of Defense

    We built TeamMate+ around the concept of visibility both at the departmental and organizational level. At the department level, dashboards provide status updates for your audit assignments and helps you manage daily activity, linking it all back to the overall audit plan. As you drill deeper through the application, you’ll find more detailed and granular dashboards for a more complete picture. Department leaders have instant access to the critical information they need to manage their teams including: ongoing audit work, tracked issues, staff availability, assignments, and more.

    At the organizational level, TeamMate+ enables different assurance providers to work together to see what other risk groups are doing as well as provides visibility into departments outside of Internal Audit. This interconnectedness throughout the organization inspires collaboration between previously disparate audit, risk management and compliance processes and accelerates an organization’s success in identifying and managing potential risk.

    Other ways TeamMate+ enhances your enterprise-wide visibility include:

    • Report Scheduling and Delivery - Eliminate the need for manual data collection and report assembly that can take you days to compile. TeamMate+ can generate a report within minutes and electronically deliver it to anyone in the organization for review.
    • Secondary Dimensions - There’s more than one way to look at your organization, and TeamMate+ has you covered with up to 30 different dimensions. In addition to mapping, variable scoring flows across each dimension and any adjustments are made to all the dimensions simultaneously.
    • TeamStore Content - Our TeamStore knowledge base promotes consistency by seamlessly sharing data for audit programs and risk controls across your three lines of defense. Populated with 20,000 audit procedures and 1,000 best practice controls, your content library will continue to grow because all work entered in TeamMate+ is automatically added to TeamStore.

    Consistency Throughout Your Workflow

    TeamMate+ was built with consistency in mind—a streamlined user interface, work patterns and data flow all work together to close the knowledge gap between your audit team and deliver meaningful reporting to stakeholders. Implementing systematic and work flow-driven audit processes help your organization derive more value from the audit process by eliminating errors and inconsistencies with standard data collection and reporting methods.

    Configured to work the way you do, TeamMate+ helps you meet your audit process requirements and enforces your audit methodology with market-leading functionality, including:

    • Configurable Audit Reports - TeamMate+ allows you to set up your departmental standards to ensure reports are generated in a consistent format for easy readability.
    • Project Phase Workflow Options - Select the number of phases for your audit workflow and configure TeamMate+ to determine when each phase is in effect. This unique feature enables you to perform follow up audit activities even after the audit is complete.

    Efficiency for Greater Risk Management

    The demand to add increased value while dedicating less time to each audit is growing, making it more critical than ever for auditors to maximize their resources. TeamMate+ does that by providing:

    • Capacity Planning - Get the most efficient use of your staff and resources by using TeamMate+ for efficient planning with no wasted or redundant efforts.
    • Document Request Management – No more long waiting times and ignored email requests. Use TeamMate+ to electronically request the information you need. The individuals being audited can then immediately upload their documents right to the system, cutting down manual processing time from weeks to hours.
    • Audit Report Workflow - TeamMate+ eliminates the number of emails you send and receive by allowing you to share audit reports with your business contacts, receive notifications and submit edits/comments through the application.

    A Platform Built for the Future

    Compatibility Across Browsers & Devices
    In today’s rapidly changing technology environment it’s important that solutions can adapt. TeamMate+ supports the standard browsers used in most organizations. Additionally, in this era of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and a larger selection of laptop, tablet and phone options, TeamMate+ is designed to work with any screen size by implementing a responsive layout that understands what device you are using and how to best display data to you.

    Web-based & Cloud Optimized
    The web-based architecture of TeamMate+ means that a single installation or upgrade is possible making deployment quick and easy.

    Optimized for Touchscreens
    TeamMate+ is optimized for touchscreens meaning not only can you work from wherever you choose, but you also have the freedom to decide how you work.

    Flexible & Personalized Working Views
    Once your audit file is built, you may want to view the work to be performed in a different layout. The Dynamic Working View lets you change your Perspective to any of the standard views provided or to one of your own custom views.

    Complete Audit Trail
    TeamMate+ includes a complete audit trail with user actions, document edits, hyperlinks, due dates, and more ensures that your audit files fully support your findings and withstand the scrutiny of outside review.

    Fully Configurable Fields & Workflows
    TeamMate+, with its extensive configurability, allows each audit department to establish and control their own terms, project milestones, workflow, individual views, and more. Based on our user-driven design, we’ve added more end-user configuration options such as customized workflows, custom perspectives (how you organize and view the data on your screen), user group management and assignments and 100% configurable terminology.

    Reporting Powered by IBM Cognos
    Reporting in TeamMate+ is built to take advantage of the wide array of options available through our integration with Cognos, so you can readily see information that will help you make key business decisions.

    Simple & Elegant User Interface
    Use of a pattern-based design makes it easy for auditors to quickly get information entered into TeamMate+. Less time spent learning how to use software allows more time to discover and provide valuable audit insights.