• Controls Management

TeamMate+ Controls Management Software

  • Controls Management Software that Defines Ease-of-Use and Flexibility

    TeamMate+ Controls is the Controls Management software you have been waiting for to address your financial reporting needs. The highly flexible design and dynamic working view allow for quick access to relevant data and for performing multiple activities from a single screen. TeamMate+ Controls easily manages other compliance management activities where identification, evaluation, testing and certification reporting are required.

    Designed and developed with extensive input from experienced controls management software users, this Controls Management software can be used as a stand-alone solution or seamlessly integrated with TeamMate+ Audit as part of our Combined Assurance offering.

    How Does TeamMate+ Controls differ from most other Controls Management tools in the marketplace?

    TeamMate+ Controls provides for a flexible relationship between Entities, Processes, Financial Statement Accounts and up to 3 more reporting structures

    All important information such as program steps, issues, coaching notes, sign-offs and edit histories are contained in database tables. Database driven systems such as TeamMate+ Controls allow real- time, team-based use, facilitate filtering and sorting of key information, and are more powerful than simple document-based systems.

    You can filter and sort key information instantly. For example:

    • You are not forced to use a fixed, rigid hierarchy of Entity/Account, Process, Risk, Control. As such, the TeamMate+ Controls hierarchy can be set up to use for other types of control or compliance testing.
    • Our approach allows you to create a relationship between dimensions such as Entities and Processes to each instance of a risk or control.

    TeamMate+ Controls allows you to switch your view from one Dimension to another to view risks and controls from different hierarchies

    • TeamMate+ Controls uses a concept called a Dynamic Working View. This means you only need to be in a single screen – you have the option of changing either the Dimension being viewed or the perspective on the data – or both. You are not forced to change screens to see different information and different views.
    • Up to 30 separate user-defined Dimensions can be used (for example: Organization Hierarchy, Processes, Accounts, Systems, Locations)
    • You create the relationship between a Control and the various Dimensions

    Various Perspectives on your data are available to show the most relevant details If your interest lies in the overall Control Assessment, details related to each of the identified Controls will be displayed. If you need visibility to the status of Self-Assessment completion, flip to the Self-Assessment Review perspective without leaving the screen you have open. Discover the views that work best for you by changing your Perspective within the available Dimensions.

    TeamMate+ Controls allows you to update Control information and apply the changes to active instances of that Control in your assessments

    Most organizations have an average of 2,500 Controls – if you test them quarterly, that’s 10,000 instances. Imagine if you need to edit a control that is in use in multiple areas of your organization and you realize in the first Quarter that the control has changed slightly. How many individual updates would be needed if you had to perform them all individually?

    Certification is not a fixed workflow

    • A single assessment can have multiple certifications, each with multiple signers, where you design the certification statement
    • Each signer can choose to electronically sign off or print, physically sign and attach their certification – or both.