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    TeamMate Analytics is a suite of more than 150 Computer Aided Audit Tools (or CAATs) that allows all auditors to perform powerful data analysis to deliver significant value for their team, their internal or external clients and their organization as a whole.

    Once installed, TeamMate Analytics is there to help you every time you open Excel. You will see is a new tab added to the Excel Ribbon bar, which gives you access to all the TeamMate Analytics tools. Unlike other solutions, which require programming and DBA skills, TeamMate Analytics can be used by every auditor in your department.

    Audit Analysis Beyond the Limits of Excel

    TeamMate Analytics can now handle tens of millions of rows of data without having to leave the comfort of Excel.

    Gain powerful insights that reduce risk, create opportunities and save money.

    Audit analytics is about one thing - extracting actionable intelligence from data. TeamMate Analytics empowers your entire audit team to run meaningful analysis at the click of a button. Whether you’re running complex analysis or simple data cleanup, TeamMate Analytics gets you past the data and into the insights in just a click.

    Be an audit analytics expert in minutes, not weeks.

    TeamMate Analytics lives in a familiar place for all auditors, Microsoft Excel. Forget about managing yet another application and having to learn its quirks. Auditors can get started with TeamMate Analytics in less than an hour and can start meaningful analysis that day.

    No one person should have all that power.

    Conceived and designed from the ground up, TeamMate Analytics is a tool for every auditor on your team regardless of their IT skill level. Auditors are not wasting time writing scripts and connecting to databases, so they spend more time determining what to look for versus how to write a script to do it.

    Intuitive isn't just about easy - it's about saving time and adding value.

    Perform complex calculations, analyze duplicates, and detect gaps in sequenced items such as check and invoice numbers. Easily compare spreadsheets for matching or missing records and quickly visualize your data for analysis or reporting. To get the most out of TeamMate Analytics, it’s important to assist auditors in formatting, manipulating, extracting, and analyzing all types of data.

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