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TeamMate IT Services

  • Our Services team has extensive IT consulting experience and is available to help jump-start your set up and use of TeamMate Audit Management Software with a wide range of IT services from implementation and installation to data migration, report creation, hosting and upgrade services. Individual services are offered separately or can be combined depending on your needs:

    • Technical Installation and Upgrade Service - Complete on-site or remote installation services for the entire TeamMate Audit Management Software Suite or individual suite components. This service is also offered to upgrade your current TeamMate installation and migrate your existing TeamMate data to the latest version of the TeamMate Suite.
    • TeamCloud® Hosting Services - We provide a hosting solution that takes care of all your TeamMate Audit Management Software IT needs, including database, web and application servers. We manage the servers and take care of all TeamMate upgrades. All of your data is secured in a world class facility and accessible over the Internet.
    • Data Import Services - We can assist you with the importing of your legacy audit data into TeamMate. This legacy data typically includes audit programs and existing audit issues.
    • Custom Report Creation - Our services team can create your TeamMate EWP (Electronic Working Papers) 360º Report templates for you. Use our expert report developers to create advanced audit report templates that can be used in TeamMate Audit Management Software to automatically generate your audit reports. We can also create custom suite-wide reports that pull data from all modules of the suite to be viewed from within TeamCentral Reports and exported to PDF, RTF, XLS or HTML.

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