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  • Complete Audit Documentation System

    Included as part of the integrated TeamMate-Audit Management Software Suite, TeamEWP (Electronic Working Papers) uses TeamMate’s powerful database architecture to allow you to quickly find the information you need and bring efficiencies to the documentation and review process. 

    All important information such as program steps, issues, notes, sign-offs and edit histories are contained in database tables. Database driven systems such as TeamMate TeamEWP allow real- time, team-based use, facilitate filtering and sorting of key information, and are more powerful than simple document-based systems.

    You can filter and sort key information instantly. For example:

    • Every procedure ‘assigned to me’
    • Every procedure ‘ready for review’
    • Every ‘high risk’ procedure
    • Every procedure ‘edited after review’
    • Every procedure with the word ‘contract’

    The TeamEWP (Electronic Working Papers) work program allows for individual sign-off of each procedure within a multiple step program. This allows team members to work on different steps within the same work program and each electronically sign -off their own steps.

    TeamMate’s clear status flags and filtering features allow reviewers to easily identify and navigate to areas of work that are ready for their review.

    Functional access levels within TeamEWP provide for distinct levels of authorization based upon your ‘role’ on a given project. For example, a preparer cannot sign-off on  electronic workpapers as reviewed and a read-only team member can view the project file but not make changes.

    TeamEWP (Electronic Working Papers) includes state of the art imaging software, which allows for incorporation of scanned images, faxes, emails and digital pictures into the file as audit evidence. Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files can also be imported into the imaging module, allowing annotations to be placed on top of the underlying data.

    TeamTalk - Audits Just Became Social

    In order to facilitate communication within your audit teams, TeamMate takes audit review and follow-up to the next level with enhanced functionality such as threaded discussions, invitations to multiple recipients, assignment of due dates and confidentiality options. This is all wrapped up in a fresh user experience we call TeamTalk. In addition to traditional review functions, you can perform more social collaboration within a single audit, across audits or with your entire Audit team.

    Powerful cross-referencing

    A powerful point-to-point cross-referencing system automatically links your work program steps to audit findings. Did you discover a purchase order that did not comply with corporate policy? Scan it in, and it is automatically linked to the audit step, detailed write-up and management report.

    Additional TeamMate cross-referencing abilities include:

    • Automatic referencing of work papers to notes and issue write-ups
    • Hyper-linking across all applications
    • Hyper-linking to websites, including files stored outside the database, eg. ACL
    • Creating and linking to bookmarks

    TeamMate’s powerful 360° Reporting facilitates the automatic real-time drafting of issues, work programs, audit background data, and time summaries into pre-formatted Microsoft Word documents. TeamMate enables you to send the documents to management for responses, the details of which can then be imported back into the relevant fields in the audit file.

    Advanced Microsoft Office Integration

    TeamEWP (Electronic Working Papers) is noted for its advanced application integration. Audit findings are documented directly onto work programs or inside fully integrated Microsoft Word or Excel electronic workpapers.

    The full functionality of these Microsoft files is retained within TeamMate, and the additional ability to add cross references, tickmarks, issues, notes and sign-offs to documents is added by way of the advanced TeamMate toolbar.

    All elements of the project file are automatically encrypted and compressed by TeamMate. This includes 3rd party electronic workpapers such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Your electronic workpapers are secure whether they are on your server, local PC or somewhere in email or WAN transit.

    TeamEWP (Electronic Working Papers) allows you to easily accumulate and share department knowledge and consistently promote your audit methodology through the use of Templates and TeamStores.