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Audit Scheduling

  • Resource and audit scheduling

    Included as part of the integrated TeamMate® Audit Management Software System, TeamSchedule is an audit scheduling tool that provides users with the ability to schedule projects and resources in such a way that there is a clear visual demonstration of personnel assignments and tracking of projects in an annual plan.

    TeamSchedule is designed to be flexible enough to work easily for small and large groups, allowing multiple schedulers and resource teams access to state-of-the-art Gantt interfaces to display projects and assignments.

    Some of the many features of this audit scheduling tool include:

    • Support of project scheduling based on user-determined criteria (risk, target start date, type, location)
    • Assigner Tool – an interactive tool that allows schedulers to draw and/or drag and drop project schedules and resource assignments on the Gantt view(s)
    • Resource Finder – an advanced tool that gives schedulers the ability to search their team(s) for specific skills, credentials, languages, experience or locations to meet the needs of a project
    • The ability to create draft bookings to perform “what-if” analysis
    • The option to track and monitor estimated project costs (both internal and external)
    • Automatic conflict detection and viewers, so schedulers can easily identify when they are about to create a conflict – and if conflicts exist, easily resolve them
    • Custom views to allow schedulers and resources to focus on their key projects and information to manage the audit plan
    • Easy-to-use reports to demonstrate individual schedules, resource utilization, resource skills, free time, etc.
    • TeamSchedule Web - a tool which gives resources simple, browser-based visibility to their schedules and the ability to download their schedules to an Outlook calendar